The Project:

Nestled between two prominent cities, Security-Widefield is a distinctive community with a vibrant and rich history. The qualities that make us uniquely "us" are special and worth preserving. That is why Security Public Library is collecting and preserving Security-Widefield citizens' stories...your stories. Whether you've lived here your whole life or just moved in, you know something about us, and Security Public Library is interested!

We are collecting stories about...

          *people                    *military                   *evolution

          *places                     *culture                   *timelines

          *memories                *events                   *and more!

We know that our community is full of stories, old and new, that are worth keeping for now and always.

What is your part of Our Story?


The Library:

Library Mission Statement:

The mission of the Security Public Library is to meet the evolving educational, cultural, informational, and recreational needs of the public by providing modern library resources and services.

In fulfilling this mission, the library strives to acquire materials, plan programs, and provide services that reflect an understanding and consideration of the community served, with concern given for all ages, backgrounds, interests, abilities, and levels of education.

The Security Public Library is

  • an educational support center for all ages,
  • a recreational reading center for popular materials,
  • and a learning center for adult independent learners.